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Majoring in Urban and Community Studies


The Urban & Community Studies major consists of two parts:

Requirements of the Major:
(Effective Fall 2014, catalog 14/15)

Requirements of the Major:
(Effective Fall 2010, catalog 11/12)

Group I - Core Course

Course Title Old 3 Digit Number New 4 Digit Number
Introduction to Urban Studies URBN 230 or 230W URBN 2000/W

Group II - Three of the following with no more than one per department:

(Cross-listed courses count towards the non-URBN department)

Course Title Old 3 Digit Number New 4 Digit Number
Urban Development & Policy ECON 221 ECON 2439
Economics of Poverty ECON 223 ECON 2456
Urban Geography GEOG/URBN 233 GEOG/URBN 3200
Urban & Regional Planning GEOG 274 GEOG 4210
History of Urban America HIST/URBN 241/W HIST/URBN 3541/W
Immigrants & the Shaping of American History HIST 247 HIST 3554
African American History Since 1865 HIST/AFAM 246 HIST/AFAM 3564
History of Latino/as in the US HIST 278/PRLS 220 HIST 3674/PRLS 3220
Urban Politics POLS/URBN 263W POLS/URBN 3632W
Public Admin. or Public Admin. in Theory & Practice POLS 260 or PP 260 POLS 3842 or PP 3031
Social Policy PP 277 PP 4034
Social Welfare & Social Work SOCI 285 SOCI 3425
Urban Sociology SOCI/URBN 280/W SOCI 3901/W or URBN 3275/W
Communities SOCI 284 SOCI 3911
Urban Anthropology URBN 248 URBN 3000

Group III - One of the following:

Course Title Old 3 Digit Number New 4 Digit Number
Information Technology for Economics ECON 217 ECON 2327
Geographic Data Analysis GEOG 242Q GEOG 3500Q
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems GEOG 246C GEOG 4500
Quantitative Analysis in Political Science POLS 291QC POLS 2072Q
Survey Research Methods URBN 220 PP/URBN 2100
Public Policy Research Methods I (Program Evaluation) PP 220 PP 3010
Methods of Social Research SOCI 205 SOCI 3201
Intro to Statistics II STAT 201Q STAT 2215Q

Group IV - Three additional courses selected from group II, group III or the following list:

Course Title Old 3 Digit Number New 4 Digit Number
Applied Regional Analysis: The Connecticut Economy ECON 215/W ECON 2328/W
Economics of Taxation & Government Spending ECON 220 ECON 2431
Public Finance ECON 253/W ECON 3431/W
Urban & Regional Economics ECON 259/W or URBN 259 ECON 3439/W or URBN 3439
Reading the American City ENGL 235W ENGL 3235W
Geographical Analysis of Urban Social Issues GEOG 280W GEOG 4200W
Topics in Public History N/A HIST 3102
Social and Cultural History of CT and New England HIST 227 HIST 3520
Asian American Experience Since 1850 HIST/AASI 294 HIST 3530/AASI 3578
African American History to 1865 HIST/AFAM/HRTS 238 HIST/AFAM/HRTS 3563
Hip-Hop, Politics & Youth Culture in America HIST/AFAM 260 HIST/AFAM 3568
Diversity Issues in Human Dev. & Family Studies HDFS 201 HDFS 2001
Planning & Managing Human Service Programs HDFS 276 HDFS 3510
Public Policy & the Family HDFS 274 HDFS 3530
Semester in Urban Problems (Urban Semester) INTD 211 INTD 3584
State & Local Government POLS 274 POLS 2622
African American Politics POLS/AFAM 248 POLS/AFAM 3642
Latino Political Behavior POLS 249/PRLS 270 POLS 3662/PRLS 3270
The Policy-making Process POLS 276 POLS 3847
Public Policy PP 276 PP 3001
Cases in Public Policy PP 223/W PP 3020/W
State and Local Fiscal Problems PP 274 PP 4033
Sociological Perspectives on Poverty SOCI 249/W or HRTS 249 SOCI 3429/W or HRTS 3429
Aging in American Society SOCI/ HDFS 248/W SOCI 3459/W or HDFS 3240W
Sociology of Religion SOCI 253/W SOCI 3521/W
Sociology of Gender SOCI 252/W SOCI 3601/W
African Americans and Social Protest SOCI/AFAM/HRTS 235 SOCI/AFAM/HRTS 3825
Urban Problems SOCI /URBN 281/W SOCI 3903/W or URBN 3276/W
City Life SOCI 283/W SOCI 3907/W
Internship in UCS or Urban Semester: Seminar URBN 232 or (INTD 212/W) URBN 3981 or INTD 3594/W
Special Topics URBN 298 URBN 3995
Variable Topics (e.g. The City in Film) URBN 295 URBN 3998
Understanding Your Community URBN 290/W URBN 4000/W
Independent Study (on going per consent of instructor) URBN 299 URBN 4999

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(Please note a course listed with a "/W" indicates that the course may be offered with or without a "W".)

In order to assure a breadth of experience, students are encouraged to take courses which include content in each of the following areas: change over time, structural and spatial dimensions, diversity, power and decision-making, and political and social processes. One unique option for students is to enroll in the 15 credit Urban Semester Program, which provides major credit for two courses INTD 3584 and 3594.

Students interested in pursuing a program in Urban and Community Studies are advised to complete 1000-level courses in the social sciences which are prerequisites for courses in Urban and Community Studies. These include, but are not limited to, GEOG/URBN 1200, ECON 1201, POLS 1602, PP 1001, SOCI 1001, SOCI 1251, STAT 1000Q/1100Q, and URBN 1300W. They should also plan on enrolling in URBN 2000, which is open to sophomores, as soon as possible

The writing within the major requirement can be met by taking any of the following courses: ECON 2328W; GEOG 4200W; HIST/URBN 3541W; POLS/URBN 3632W; PP 3020W; SOCI/HRTS 3429W; SOCI 3459W/HDFS 3240W; SOCI 3521W; SOCI 3601W; SOCI 3901W/URBN 3275W, SOCI 3903W/URBN 3276W; SOCI 3907W; URBN 2000W, 4000W or any 2000-level or above course approved for this major. Students should be aware; however, that availability of specific W courses varies by campus. The information literacy requirements are met by successfully completing URBN 2000 or URBN 2000W.

If you are interested in becoming a UCS major or are interested in learning more about the program, please contact the program at 860-570-9092.

Current degree requirements PDF - catalog copy 11/12
Degree requirements PDF - catalog Copy 08/09

(For degree requirements prior to catalog copy 08/09 please contact the UCS office at 860-570-9092 or visit the undergraduate course catalog at