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About the Major

Interdisciplinary Degree:
Urban & Community Studies
Sociology, Public Policy
Economics, History
Geography, Political Science

"The Urban and Community Studies major is a great stepping stone to help me pursue my ultimate goal of a career in social work."
- Alyssa Fabretti, UCS Graduate 2005

The Urban and Community Studies Program

The Urban and Community Studies (UCS) major at the University of Connecticut is an interdisciplinary degree program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It focuses on educating students about urban and community life and preparing them for careers in public and community service. In only a short time, this exciting program at the regional Hartford, Waterbury and Torrington campuses has attracted a great deal of interest among students.

Where can I get a B.A. Degree in UCS?

Students can complete a B.A. degree in Urban and Community Studies from the University of Connecticut at either the Greater Hartford, Waterbury or Storrs campuses. For greater variety, students may choose to travel and take courses at all campus locations including Torrington.

Why choose to major in Urban and Community Studies?

Urban and Community Studies enables students to better understand the challenges and opportunities of urban life from the local to the global level, and to participate in strengthening the institutional and social fabric of communities. This is an interdisciplinary major for students who want meaningful career opportunities in public life, human services, urban and social change, and many other rewarding fields.

What can I do with a degree in Urban and Community Studies?

There are numerous career opportunities for graduates with a B.A. in Urban and Community Studies from the University of Connecticut. The course curriculum in the major will provide students with an excellent foundation for careers in any of the following fields:

Past graduates of the program have gone on to hold jobs in non-profit organizations, human service agencies, business corporations, insurance firms, urban planning, local government, Chambers of Commerce and various federal, state and local agencies. This degree will also provide students with first-rate preparation for graduate study in fields such as:

The first two years: General Education

While students are completing their general education requirements, they may want to consider the following courses which will provide an excellent introduction to the 2000-level courses in the UCS major:

Of course, students may select other courses. It is important for students to meet with their advisor to develop an individual plan of study.